Project Tripti

Date 07-14-2018

Groups carried water bottles which they distributed among rickshaw pullers

July 6, 2017, Bashtola, Dhaka - After discussing the process of project implementation and the challenges that might be faced while organizing a project, the newest members of YES Alumni Bangladesh successfully participated and volunteered in their first YES Alumni Project, Project Tripti. Through this project the newest alumni gained experience and understood the strategies of volunteering and organizing projects in Bangladesh. The newest YES alumni were divided into groups with two senior alumni in each group. Every group carried water bottles which they distributed among rickshaw pullers and explained the importance of being hydrated during the intense heat of summer. Alumna and Alumnus also made small conversations with the rickshaw pullers. Few rickshaw pullers also shared their own personal experiences, some expressed gratitude and some accepted the bottled water with kindness, which showed the alumni the difference only a bottle of water can make and its importance. After returning to the meeting point the Alumni discussed what they learned through the project and shared their plans on how to improvise the project and organize better projects.

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  • Public Health
  • YES Alumni Development
  • Volunteerism


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