Coastal Clean-up

Date 07-05-2018

Coastal Clean-up to spread awareness about the harmful effects of littering

19th-21st October, 2016 Cox's Bazaar - Bangladesh has faced a great increase in pollution over the years which has affected life not only on land but in the water too. In order to bring a long term solution, YES Alumni Bangladesh organized the Coastal Cleanup project to spread awareness about the harmful effects of littering. Bringing in local support and external volunteers, members of YES Alumni Bangladesh collected trash around a selected coastal area of Cox’s Bazaar on the morning of 20th October, 2016. Throughout the course of the morning, volunteers walked around and accumulated non-biodegradable trash that had been thrown on the beach area. The project was organized not only to spread a meaningful and strong message about environmental pollution, but also to spread awareness that may make people stop littering. After the clean-up, YES Alumni conducted a survey where they interviewed local vendors, restaurants and hotels about environment pollution and further inquired how the parties would like City Corporation to take the required steps to help them improve the environmental situation in Cox’s Bazaar. The assistant district commissioner of Cox’s Bazaar joined the group of energetic youth to inaugurate the event.

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