Regional Alumni Meet 2017

Date 07-14-2018

YES Alumni attended the Regional Alumni meet organized by the (GEIST)

24th May, 2017, EMK Center, Dhanmondi, Dhaka - On 24th May 2017, six YES Alumni attended the Regional Alumni meet organized by the Global Educators Initiative for Sustainable Transformation (GEIST) International Foundation Global Educators Initiative for Sustainable Transformation (GEIST) Foundation is established with prime objective of improving global competence among students and educators globally, especially state alumnus community. Founded in 2016, GEIST Foundation is going to be the largest platform of community work by the state alumnus. GF is a private and non-profit charitable organization. The meet started at 4 p.m. by welcoming the chief guests, and other delegates, followed by an ice breaking session. Shaheed Mahmood, Vice President of GEIST made his opening remarks. Then a skype session was held with Ukhengching Marma, Global Ugrad Alumna, who spoke about her plans about working along with GEIST to improve health and hygiene for indigenous girls in Chittagong. A brief PowerPoint introduction to all the exchange programs was presented, followed by one representative introducing their respective programs in details, who also shared their experiences. Then Mohammad Shahed Ali, Chief Information Director, gave an inspiring speech on what is an Alumni Network and why it is important. Later Honorable Chief Guest, Kelly Ryan, Cultural Affairs Officer at U.S. Embassy Dhaka gave a remarkable speech on the significance of the state alumni working together in their home countries and thanked and encouraged them for continuing their good work in helping the community. After a short tea break, the event continued with a video presentation by GEIST International Foundation. Then an announcement was made from GEIST, followed by general overview on their plans and missions. The main idea of GEIST is to make a platform where all the state alumni, teachers and students can work towards achieving the SDG within the target year as set out by the United Nations, improve the current conditions of the teaching communities, through launching of effective and economic professional development programs, and strengthen and sustain educational practice at Secondary & Higher Secondary level globally. A review of regional conferences organized by GEIST thus far was given and participants at this meet shared their impact stories. The meet concluded at 7:30 p.m., with closing remarks by the President and Director of GEIST and a group photo. Overall the alumni meet was a success, as GEIST has made a platform where people can collaborate, work together, share and explore ideas to help the community grow.

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